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Volunteer George Durkin & New Covenant Center guest Cleveland

In May 2017, St. Thomas More of Darien parishioner George Durkin read in his church bulletin that New Covenant Center was looking for children’s books to distribute through it’s family Food Pantry.  George started bringing kids’ books and now, one year later, through George’s various resources, New Covenant Center also receives donations of toys and adult books as well! Regular donations from George Durkin, Gina Barber and other individuals and groups are very much appreciated by our shoppers and guests.

Cleveland, a guest of New Covenant Center who sometimes helps our maintenance team with handyman projects, asked George if he ever came across recent John Grisham novels. George kept an eye out for him and when he came across what Cleveland was looking, he put it aside until the next time Cleveland stopped in. Cleveland was happy to receive two, never read, Grisham books from George.

If you have any books or gently used toys that you would like to donate, please contact New Covenant Center.

New Covenant Center Food Pantry volunteers Michael McDonagh and Kathy Cahill organize the book and toy shelves.