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A business in a “box”!

Who knew that pizza could have a significant impact on people’s lives? Brad Nagy and Angelo Viscoso did. This pair of restaurateurs, who own four restaurants in the NYC area, wanted to give hard working but less fortunate people a unique opportunity. They decided to train deserving folks in how to operate a small business–but also provide financial support to get the business off the ground. 

From that concept, Little Box Pizza was born. The participants are taught how operate a mobile pizza truck which eventually they own themselves, and become small business owners.

This spring, Brad brought one of the trucks and some of his mentees to NCCenter, where they served a pizza lunch in the Cafe. The visit was inspirational to our guests–to say the least. Brad and Angelo know that giving support and showing faith in others goes a long way.

The Little Box Team serves lunch.

“We’re on a mission to make lives better…We believe that when you put care into your food and your people, you’re always going to get something great.” – Brad and Angelo

Written by Ellen McGinness