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Did you know that underwear is the most under-donated, yet most needed clothing item? In order to tackle this challenge, Lucy Langley and Laura Delaflor launched a nonprofit focused specifically on providing underwear for those in need. This May, NCCenter was a lucky recipient of The Undies Project’s donation of 654 pairs of men’s underwear and 210 pairs of women’s underwear in mixed sizes. That’s over 800 pairs of underwear!

Leisa Hinds-Simpson of NCCenter helps a guest pick out the right size.

Many thanks to this incredible organization that understands NCCenter’s mission to promote human cleanliness through our shower and barber services programs. Being able to give our guests fresh, new underwear builds on our initiatives to promote dignity and self esteem. 

Click here to watch News12’s segment about The Undies Project’s donation to NCCenter.

Written by Ellen McGinness