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The line to pick up “to go” meals forms outside New Covenant Center.

STAMFORD, CT — Demand for New Covenant Center’s food resources has exploded during the COVID-19 crisis. New Covenant Center is the only soup kitchen within an 8-10 mile radius of Stamford and demand for our food resources has exploded during the COVID-19 crisis.

Clients include the homeless, many hourly workers recently laid off, immigrant families struggling to make ends meet, and individuals suffering from mental illness.

As concern mounts surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, New Covenant Center is monitoring the situation closely. The cafe and food pantry remain open and the program is committed to serving the most vulnerable in need of food each day. As the only 365-day-a-year Cafe/Soup Kitchen from Norwalk to Port Chester, hundreds of people rely on New Covenant Center for their daily sustenance.

“Catering companies, businesses and restaurants all who have been impacted by this crisis have been very generous to us – including Lidia Bastianich’s three NYC restaurants,” say New Covenant Center Executive Director John Gutman. ” They have been providing us with amazingly healthy and nutritious food during this extraordinary time. We know how difficult it is for so many of them on the sidelines but we are thankful for their enormous generosity!”

Gutman and his staff have worked tirelessly to make sure their client continue to be fed during this crisis. This includes a dramatic increase in numbers. On a daily basis, they feed at least 50 more individuals plus they have taken on the responsibility of feeding the individuals at the Inspirica and Pacific House shelters. According to Gutman it is their social responsibility. “We are picking up the cases where other programs have closed.”

As this crisis unfolds, the program has taken the following steps to ensure the safety of all guests/clients, volunteers, donors, suppliers and staff:

“To go” meals are prepped and ready for distribution

Hours of Operation (as of today):

  • The Café is open, but only staff and PRE-SCHEDULED volunteers will be allowed entrance into the facility. Clients are provided meals-to-go from the doorway.
  • “To Go ” Meals are prepared for both lunch service (Monday-Sunday, 12:30-1:30 PM) and dinner service (Monday-Saturday, 4:30-5:30 PM).

Food and Other Needs:

In order for us to remain open and to assist the most vulnerable of populations, we need your help. Please visit our website’s special page with instructions on how you can help us respond to the COVID-19 crisis at There you will find:

  • Instructions on how to make a financial contribution to New Covenant Center right from your home.
  • Wish lists of items that we currently need for the café and the food pantry during this crisis. You can drop these items off to us at New Covenant Center.
  • If you cannot leave your home and still want to make an in-kind donation to New Covenant Center, there is a link directly to our own personal AMAZON WISH LIST: You can make an online purchase and have it delivered directly to New Covenant Center without leaving your home.
  • Drop off or mail us grocery store gift cards. We will buy the items on our own!
  • Check our website and other social media outlets regularly for updates

For more information, contact New Covenant Center directly: John Gutman ([email protected]) 203-964-8228 Ext. 401 Betsy Lopez ( [email protected]) 203-964-8228 Ext. 415