Client Stories

James’ Story

James Plowdon, Jr. has been coming to New Covenant Center for almost ten years and is very appreciative of the food pantry. James lives alone. He is a retired New York City Port Authority Policeman. He became a policeman at the age of 21. He worked in the tunnels of
New York for a many years and in the basement of the World Trade Center. He was forced to
retire early. On 9/11, he lost 31 of his fellow workers and said he would have died as well had
he not been forced to retire early. Today, James works hard selling essential oils and
other items. Click on the video below to learn more about James’ story.


Tamika’s Story

Tamika was once a homeless teen with a four month old baby boy. With the help of an NYC non-profit agency, she found a path. Due to a corporate takeover and a job change at her husband’s company, this young family ended up with some financial challenges once they moved to Fairfield County. Tamika looked for help but had a disappointing experience. The family prayed, and Tamika kept looking for help and was told about the New Covenant Center Food Pantry. Impressed with the helpful volunteers and the wide array and bounty of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats, Tamika found a source that would help her family’s food insecurity. Shortly after, following her Aunt’s advice that “it’s better to give than receive,” she interviewed to volunteer in  our very own Pantry. And now, many years later, Tamika’s family is grateful. In Tamika’s words, “New Covenant Center helped me become an even better asset to my community and affected change in an impactful way.”

Joe’s Story

On a hot summer day, Joe found himself with no job, no apartment, and living in his car in 90-degree heat. Worst yet, he was starving. A stranger told him to go to New Covenant Center where he had a good meal and a refreshing shower. Basics such as food and water changed the trajectory of Joe’s life that day.

There are so many folks like Joe that find themselves in difficult and unexpected situations and the volume at risk for food insecurity continues to rise. New Covenant Center, Stamford’s largest soup kitchen, steps in to help!