Client Story

client-storyDebbie R., single mother of four, works full time, but earning less than $20,000 annually came into New Covenant Center earlier this year asking for assistance. Her dilemma was the family car broke down, and with reduced working hours was deeply concerned with her ability to provide for her children. She did not know how she was going to get her car fixed and pay her monthly bills. Debbie is a proud mother that believes she should be able to care for children; was in a situation where she needed our help. We happily told her we can help.

We offered her an opportunity to save on her grocery bill. Her eyes lit up with joy when we told her we can provide 30 meals for each of her children and herself, totaling 150 meals monthly starting today. She was so surprised by the amount of food given to her, she started crying. She was very grateful for our assistance and was appreciative she offered to volunteer on her days off from work. Since that time she has lived up to her commitment by volunteering. This is a wonderful example of how our services can impact a family.