Volunteer Testimonials

SUSAN WISE has been volunteering at NCC since the pandemic broke out in March.
She hear that a lot of volunteers had stopped coming and wanted to help. She works
at the reception desk for the food pantry, where she checks the clients in so they can
shop for food. Safety precautions are taken very seriously. She takes clients temperature
when they enter the building, only two people at a time are aloud in, and she ensures
that all of the shopping carts are sanitized for the clients. She volunteers twice a week.

REENU ZWOLINSKI – “I got excited when the Kennedy Employment Services of the
Kennedy Center gave me the opportunity to do an internship at New Covenant Center.
Working with this non-profit organization, who feeds families who are struggling, I
was able to relate to my struggles throughout my life and getting help. Today I am
smiling, knowing I am a part of the community and I am able to give back with my skills.”